Sunday, December 17, 2006

Year One is Done – FB2B, post 41

Well, hard to believe, but my baby blog is now a year old! It’s been cutting its teeth and going through some growing pains, much like any child. I’ve tried to give it room to develop and grow while attempting to guide it along in a positive and healthy direction.
I appreciate everyone who has read it, commented on it, and given me suggestions for it (but, no, Jon, squirrel melts will not be featured here). I hope that you all have enjoyed watching the process unfold as well as I’ve learned more about the food world and food writing. In 2007, my aim is to continue to work on content that everyone will enjoy and developing more recipes for you to use.
It would be great to hear from you more as well. I know that everyone is leading incredibly busy lives, but hopefully you can take time out for yourself and make catching up on this blog a part of that.
Here’s a toast to the next year – more food, more photos, more meals!

Buon appetito!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Is Thanksgiving Over Yet? – FB2B, part 40

Finally, after having digested my post-Thanksgiving binge of Food Network programming, I can once again face my stack of holiday food magazines and think about planning some new meals. Having seen an overwhelming number of suggestions and preparations for holiday leftovers, the one that really stood out wasn’t the “101 ways to make last night’s mashed potatoes appetizing again.”

It was, instead, a segment that appeared on Thanksgiving weekend Friday on The Today Show. Tyler Florence was demonstrating to Lester Holt how to make stuffed French Toast using challah and leftover cranberry sauce from a can. Stuffed French Toast is one of those things that I love to get when I eat brunch out someplace, but which I’ve never gotten around to trying to make at home.

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