Monday, May 26, 2008

Number 100

I know that the blog has been a bit dormant lately. It's been a combination of a few things: some family stuff, some other personal things, and the usual time constraints. There's been the added wrinkle of massive amounts of stress, chaos and confusion at work as well, given that I'm still working in banking, which have sort of sucked away my creative energy. The situation with layoffs is as awful as it sounds in the press. New York is a company town in a lot of ways, and our industry drives lots of others as well, which makes it even more difficult when things start to turn downward.

The other thing I realized was that this is my #100 post! Wow. I'd wanted to do something spectacular, but it's a bit difficult to make fireworks come out of the computer when you load the page. So, I combined the holiday weekend, a bit of fiddling around with the blog layout and look (not as much as I would like to do, but I'm not at all a technogeek), and another recipe from the card file. This is for a flank steak marinade, the origins of which are uncertain.

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