Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chelsea Market Fieldtrip - FB2B, part 66

It hadn't yet reached a crisis point, but I noticed this weekend that I was getting low on coffee. My morning cappuccino is an addiction that I picked up after having lived in Italy, so not just any cuppa joe will do to get me started on my day. I don't even drink NYC Deli Coffee, except in a real caffeine emergency. And, the coffee machine in the office, please, I think I'd rather just drink a mug full of scalding hot water instead.

My brand of choice is Illy. It's not very difficult to find in the city, but depending upon where one shops, the price for your average can of ground coffee beans can vary widely. Then, again, depending upon where one shops, it could be taking a gamble with the coffee's freshness as well. I usually try to buy mine at Chelsea Market, but that is an excursion downtown and across town from where I live.

As I was volunteering today and had to head into Soho, I decided to take a detour and hit Buon Italia, the Italian store in Chelsea Market, where I've found the best price on Illy. I've also seen products there that I haven't come across since I lived in Italy. This is one of many great finds in the building that once housed the Nabisco Biscuit Factory (and, if my memory of one of the displays is correct, is the place where the Oreo was invented). Now it is a collection of shops and office space, and a prime tourist destination for food lovers, as it is the home of The Food Network.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Craving Apricot Tart - FB2B, part 65

It must have been the left-over influence of Bastille Day, but I have been craving apricot tart (one of the few items I did not sample at the street fair last Sunday). In searching online, I have found the perfect recipe. I remembered how gorgeous the locally-grown fruit had looked last year, when I first attempted to make the tart. Yesterday when I was down there, they looked no less beautiful, so I decided to make it again this year.

In hunting around for a recipe on my original search, I had found one on Epicurious that perfectly fit the bill. It is actually from notable food writer, teacher and epicurean Patricia Wells. You can also locate it in her book "At Home in Provence," but I have to warn you, the photo of this tart, along with the raspberry one on the same page, is apt to make your mouth start watering in an instant, if you are as much of a fan of fruit-based sweets as I am.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

French Food - FB2B, part 64

It's that time of year again. The annual Alliance Fran├žaise Bastille Day eat-fest, err celebration, is today. I hadn't originally planned to spend my Sunday in Midtown strolling along 60th Street checking out all the goodies on offer, but the weather is gorgeous and a friend told me last night when we were having drinks that she had made it her mission to go this year. When someone says to you that he/she has had this marked on his/her calendar for months, it is a serious endeavor even among the general food-obsessed in New York.

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