Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Apple Dumplings but the Movie

"My bank, my beautiful bank." It seems like more than a few people might have a need to say this phrase after this weekend, although not quite in the same context. Despite the hiatus I've been on from writing this blog, I'm still in banking (for the moment) and also still blogging. At first glance, food blogging and working in finance might not seem like a fit, but they can work together, much like the diverse cast of the movie from which the quote at the beginning of this piece is taken.

Remember when Sunday nights meant that extra hour of weekend tv - or maybe it was already budgeted from your daily two-hour allotment - so that you could watch The Wonderful World of Disney? This afternoon, I was taken back to that place with a showing of "The Apple Dumpling Gang" on TMC. It's amazing how many faces I recognized in the movie for their later (or earlier) work. Sadly, some of these folks are no longer with us.

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