Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hot Chocolate Quest - FB2B, post 47

Now that my fingers and brain cells have thawed out a little bit from all this freezing weather, I have finally gotten around to putting something together for the blog. The dipping temperatures and my finally almost-healed mouth, mean that I can indulge in some of the warming comfort foods I have been craving.

Bringing up a post from a few weeks ago, I return to my hot chocolate quest. This beverage must have been on a few folks' minds, as New York Magazine did a story on some of best places to find it in the city. Although, I do have to quibble a bit with their choices.

I decided that I wanted to check out some of their selections in the taste comparison. This is not to make you start to drool or get on line for the cheapest plane ticket to the Big Apple. My choice for the winner of the ones I have tried recently is Max Brenner. Except for the lack of a crispy waffle-like cooky, this one has come the closest that I have found to what I had during my stay in Italy.

Can you tell that I liked it?

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